Just a little Intro…

First of all Welcome to my Blog, I finally developed the courage to start my own blog and express myself through what I’m passionate about.  Part of the reason I developed a yearning for blogging was due to the amazing support and community that was developed by two very unique individuals Sinead & Saibh who came up with the fab and ever-growing ITWBN (Into The West Blogger Network) which is basically a community or you could even call it your little family of Irish Bloggers getting together to support advise and share their passion with one another. The #ITWBN events are just so much fun and educational with one taking place every couple of months in gorgeous luxury locations.  Bloggers get to enjoy a gathering of fabulousness with so much variety from giveaways, delicious food, pop-up shops, educational and inspirational speakers, goodie-bags and so much more.

I’m so excited and can’t wait to share my ideas, loves, likes & dislikes with you all.

To be continued….Until then Bisous Xx